Safe Games That Are In Online Cockfighting Gambling


Safe Games That Are In Online Cockfighting Gambling – Some people still like to ask how it is safe to enjoy cockfighting gambling, the easiest way to enjoy this type of gambling is to do it online. Lately, cockfighting activities have become increasingly popular among gamblers, they are always looking for places that provide cockfighting gambling. It sounds sadistic for this type of gambling because it involves two animals fighting to death.

How to Join Online Cockfights

If you are still confused about how to join the cockfighting gambling game, you are in the right place because we will discuss how to join online cockfighting. The trick is;

Sign up

We will never be able to participate in cockfighting gambling if we are not registered as a member of one of the sites that provide this game. To find a site you don’t need to bother because almost all online gambling places have provided it. Just sit at home and register with your flagship gadget. Don’t forget before registering, prepare an email for online correspondence, a mobile number for registration and a bank account for winnings.

Top up Account Balance

After being registered as a member of the site, you only need to add money to your account as initial capital for betting. Top up can be done by means of bank transfer, the site provider will provide instructions that you can follow when making a top up.

Start Betting

After replenishing your balance, you can immediately follow the cockfighting betting broadcast live on a site. Observe each chicken so you don’t choose the wrong winner.

Cockfighting Bet Types

This type of gambling has several variations in the stakes, each bet has two possibilities. You are free to choose which bet types you want to participate in. The excitement of gambling cockfighting will be felt when the match has started, this gambling is quite easy because you only place a bet on your flagship chicken. Usually, two fighting chickens are distinguished by two color symbols, namely Meron for a chicken with a red sign or a wala for a chicken with a blue sign. The types of online cockfighting gambling offered include;

Red Chicken or Meron

If you choose meron it means you are fighting for the red chicken as the winner, your rooster will compete usually for ten minutes. If it hasn’t been ten minutes that the opponent’s chicken surrenders or dies then you automatically come out as the winner.

Blue Chicken or Wala

Like the meron, if your choice falls on wala it means you are fighting a chicken with a blue symbol. The match will run and be broadcast live, you can expect the victory to come to the wala while watching the live stream.


The meaning is Both Death Draw. This happens when the game has not yet been played for ten minutes and both chickens are dead. There is no winner if BDD, all stake will return to the player.

Full Time Draw

FTD is a condition where no chickens die within ten minutes of competition. If this happens all bets that have been placed will be declared defeated, meaning that the dealer will be the absolute winner.

Weaknesses of Online Cockfighting Gambling

You could say that there is no gap to find the weaknesses of this game, as if all the weaknesses have been covered by the strengths it has. If you could say that it is a weakness, live streaming shows that are often delayed due to slow internet, then that is a weakness of the gambling players themselves, not from the site or the game.

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